Essex, United Kingdom
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1 hours after HT, Wind 15mph - 45mph, Gusts no more than 15mph of the norm

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* Kite size is a guide only, always use your own judgement based on your skill level and conditions.
Based on 80kg rider with "Moderate / Average" power. Change this in your profile settings.

Rideable hours the last 7 days
Friday 18th Oct
  • 9 hours 27432312 mphkphknotsm/s
Thursday 17th Oct
  • 3 hours 1930168 mphkphknotsm/s
Wednesday 16th Oct
  • 8 hours 1625137 mphkphknotsm/s
Monday 14th Oct
  • 6 hours 1727147 mphkphknotsm/s
Sunday 13th Oct
  • 10 hours 24382010 mphkphknotsm/s
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