Sick of constantly checking the forecasts, tides and wind directions for your favourite spots?

Once you've added all your favourite spots to your account, it will check whether it's a suitable tide level, the correct wind direction (on-shore generally) and a good speed. It'll then provide a dashboard of spots so you can quickly see all the available kite sessions! Will also email you with the same list as often as you like.

You can also reconfigure the spots to your own preferences, min/max wind speeds, how many hours either side of high/low tide and which wind directions you prefer.

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Example Set Ups

Alex Payne prefers to be well-powered and generally doesn't venture out if he has to use a kite bigger than a 10m - unless it's warm and sunny. So, he has his "EPIC > 20mph" list made up of his local spots, each has been reconfigured to have a minimum of 20mph and no limit on gusts. He also has the normal local spots "Home Spots" and his favourite Devon/Cornwall spots for when he's down that way.

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For epic-icity, star rating, tides and wind direction. Green is Good Amber is OK and Red is Bad.

The star rating is out of 5. To get a 5 the session has to have a good tide state, good wind speed and a good wind direction. Also, a temperature of at least 10°C and a dropping tide (extra power).

Kite Schools

Add your school details to your spots by entering the details on the profile page.

Create a "Lesson" list for your school, configure the spot configs to suit beginners if necessary and embed it into your site -- will help you plan your week and encourage customers to get in touch!

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User Stories

 Tankerton doesn't often get the right wind direction to work. But on the 7th January a sudden gale was forecasted with a change of direction from SW to W (ideal for 'The Street') and came through! I would have missed it if I hadn't been notified of it by this app. Tom agreed to meet at the beach, only us, and we had an epic 40mph-50mph session, clear sky by the end of it. 

Alex Payne
Developer at Epic Sessions